Beyond coding. We forge.

Forgejo is a self-hosted lightweight software forge.
Easy to install and low maintenance, it just does the job.

Brought to you by an inclusive community under the umbrella of Codeberg e.V., a democratic non-profit organization, Forgejo can be trusted to be exclusively Free Software. You can create an account on Codeberg and other instances or download it to self-host your own. It focuses on security, scaling, federation and privacy. Learn more about how it compares with other forges.

Forge great software with Forgejo

Take back control of your software development process, self-host your projects and get everyone involved in delivering quality software on the same page.

Simple software project management

Ease of use is important to get things done efficiently. Forgejo’s user experience is designed for collaboration and productivity.

Self-hosted alternative to GitHub

Liberate your software from proprietary shackles. Forgejo offers a familiar environment to GitHub users, allowing smooth transition to a platform you own.

Easy to install and maintain

Hosting your own software forge does not require expert skills. With Forgejo you can control your server with minimal effort.

Lightweight and performant

With a rich feature set, Forgejo still has a low server profile and requires an order of magnitude less resources than other forges.

Guaranteed 100% Free Software

Forgejo will always be Free and Open Source Software. Furthermore we exclusively use Free Software for our own project development.

Beyond coding, we forge ahead

An exciting future awaits. We will innovate the Software Forge and enable collaborative software development facilitated by decentralized platforms.

Get Involved

Forgejo consists of motivated people, and we are looking forward to your contribution.
Feel free to help in the domains of localization, code, federation, releases management, User Research, UX, community management, documentation, web design, governance and more.